From the Grill

ADONIS’s grill department specializes in prepared foods. Guests can enjoy them on-site, at home or during special events. Special orders for events must be made in advance. For parties, celebrations, conferences, happy hour or group meals, please contact us for our catering service.

If you are in a hurry and you need a prepared dish, ADONIS offers a wide variety of salads, souvlaki, delicious dips, hummus, fig leaves and falafel that will enliven your taste buds. ADONIS’s rotisserie also offers BBQ and grilled chicken. You will find it as a main course choice at our counter; you can also try our stuffed zucchini, our chicken rice or our paella, to name just a few!

Chicken With Rice

Chicken with rice; a Lebanese traditional dish.

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Tabouleh Salad

Tabouleh Salad (parsley, tomatoes, onion, burgul)

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At our Stores you can find a Wide Variety of Home made Dips Such as: Hummus, Babaghanouge, Avocado Dips or Spinach dips

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Falafel vegetarian ball is made with ground chick peas & fava beans.

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Vine Leaves

Enjoy our stuffed vine leaves with rice & meat or vegetarian.

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