Fish Market

ADONIS’s fish market offers the tastiest seafood from around the world and Canada. It is simply variety and freshness at the best price. Our exotic fish are top quality, with a daily supply strategy to ensure freshness and flavor. ADONIS offers you the opportunity to fry or grill your fish on site.

Our most sought and original products come from South America, the Mediterranean, West Africa and Asia. Our fish and seafood supplier is Lagoon Seafood Products, which has introduced an import and quality management program (IQMP) with the approval of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). This allows us to effectively control the product’s quality. Lagoon Seafood is the only Canadian company to adopt this program for fresh fish. In addition, our supplier is Ocean Wise and HACCP certified, and is in the process of becoming BRC certified.

Snow crab

Did you know that the season of this seafood is at the beginning of April? Visit our stores for discoveries and cooking tips!

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So good and so simple to cook! Unlike breeding mussels, wild mussels are available in winter and early spring.

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At Adonis, you will find various kinds of succulent shrimps that will bring out the chef in you!

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At ADONIS, lobster from the Maritimes, is shipped in the best conditions and soon after it is captured. It is shipped alive, strong and therefore very fresh. We get fresh shipments of lobster four times a week, to offer the best quality products to our customers.

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Shiny sea (Cocktail type, fleshy that has an immediate salty taste and ends with a subtle, sweet finish), Merasheen bay (fresh and pronounced taste), Lucky lime (salty taste and superior shell shape), Raspberry point (Small medium but generous with a salty taste with a sweet note at the end), Rustico (Medium, firm texture, semi-salty with a slightly vegetal taste), Caribou (Moderately brackish flavor with a hint of vegetal finish and moderate texture), Beausoleil (Rounded shape with a fine taste and no sand), Malpeque (Round shape, juicy and with a delicate texture), Trésor du large (Fleshy, soft, juicy and salty flesh).

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